Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Texas spending just got more transparent

More light is being shed on government in Texas today as our friends at the Texas Public Policy Foundation launched a new website to provide greater transparency.Not only do Governor Rick Perry and State Comptroller Susan Combs champion transparency in government spending and have worked with the legislature to allow taxpayers to track their state tax dollars online through a website “Where the money goes” -- website.

Whereas the State posts their spending online, many school districts tout posting their checkbook registers online, but I am not familiar with any ISD that posts ALL their checkbook registers – so don’t be fooled. But with the Texas Public Policy Foundation launching their new project www.TexasBudgetSource.com - a website that allows for one-stop shopping on government spending information at the state and local level, we can track and share information on what local governments are and are not doing.

The site will undoubtedly provide taxpayers with a lot of ammunition to put their elected officials on the spot when it comes to budget issues, be it in Austin, or in their city council, county commissioners court, or school board meetings.

Let’s shed some more light on government spending…after all, it’s our money.

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